Saturday, November 24, 2012

A meditation for loving-kindness

Click the link below to hear an 18-minute audio for practicing loving-kindness; pass it on.

Loving-kindness meditation

A practice of loving-kindness can certainly have physiological effects—lowering our cortisol level and increasing oxytocin, which can improve our ability to give love and to receive love. But it also softens the relationship to mind states that feel toxic—mind states that sideswipe us, or keep us stuck, such as rage, jealousy, and so on. 

With practice, may we always dwell in our natural ability to love.
I believe in love.
The Love Religion, by Ibn Arabi

The inner space inside
that we call the heart
has become many different
living scenes and stories.

A pasture for sleek gazelles,
a monastery for Christian monks,
a temple with Shiva dancing,
a kaaba for pilgrimage.

The tablets of Moses are there,
the Qur’an, the Vedas, 
the sutras, and the gospels.

Love is the religion in me.
Whichever way love’s camel goes,
that way becomes my faith,
the source of beauty, and a light
of sacredness over everything.